Sunday, January 9, 2011

Japan Attack.

Since last night wasn't the perfect end of the day, I was too lazy to update the blog - but I guess these new things that are filling in my wardrobe were enough to make me smile again. If I may say, I feel proud to actually bought this Zucca shorts from my own savings :) And thank you so much for this wonderful Tsumori Chisato cheerful tights that really made my day - though I had to change my bed sheets at night, because the previous one was to cheery and wasn't the perfect match for the current mood I had. Haha!

And oh! There's a new Sabbatha bracelet that's filling in my collection. Although it's my mom's (haha!) but I had to wear it cause it was so my mood. Please bear in mind that I'm just trying to share some of my new stuff with you and not to be snobbish :)

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