Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Polkas & Yellows.

Today started by a panic attack. Woke up just half an hour before the class started, and today was the submission day for our first assignment on Design Studio. Presentation it was. Went through it all without a problem. And our next assignment is to design an office space based on the college's reception + library and teacher's room. Due in 5 more weeks. Oh wow. I'm welcoming my panda eyes to color my face again I suppose.

Oh well. Anyways, I was thrilled to actually see my name card. Physically. Ordered from KartuNama.net and they offered a really great deal with high quality of paper and printing. Thanks to Diana Rikasari to post a reference of this great website on her blog. Twice I assume. I am sure will gonna order name cards from the website, from now on :)

Got some new batiks arriving at home. And of course bags. I am now loving the color yellow. And believe me, these batiks that you're seeing below are only some. I've got more in the other 3 boxes downstairs.

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