Thursday, January 6, 2011


Although I started the day early in the morning, but it seems that it went by so quick! Woke up at 7.15, in hope to receive the batiks - but it was at 11 when I received it. Oh well...

Went to Ratu Plaza afterward. Finally got myself a 500GB Seagate external hard drive (*yippieee!) and the AutoDesk 3Ds Max 2010 for next term's class. And oh! Bought a new deskjet for the house, cause the one we got here is not working anymore - though it has been repaired quite a lot of times.

Next stop was Pasar Mayestik to find out about making custom tags for clothes and also negotiated with the people from where I ordered the blinds and wallpaper for the new family's office. Didn't bought anything to munch around, although all of the sweets were very tempting.

And so, it was already 3pm where I had my lunch. Well, late lunch I would say. Went to Roppan at Gandaria City for the first time. I love the concept of the toast house. They use a lot of wood and the color red for the cafe. Tried the cheese toast (which was nice) and some kani salad beforehand. Tempted with the lovely chocolate beer float. Yup! A nice scoop of vanilla ice cream was being topped with the lovely Carlsberg + some chocolate syrup! It was.... different. But I loved it! Had the ogura honey toast for dessert :9

Can't wait to have a Friday night date with my moodbooster tomorrow!

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