Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The first week of the year has been... tight. Tired and lack of sleep. Not to mention with the addition of a sprained right arm, makes me a lefty for God knows how long. Exhausted as hell, but I should appreciate of every bits that's happening in my life. And I am trying to be (more) positive this year :)

Saturday, family lunch at The Cafe at Hotel Mulia. Yes, it was filled with delicious and yummy food that makes me have my own foodgasm moment :9 (especially with the Indians).

Cheese nan = drools!

Sunday, a great service at church and ended up doing some photo-shoot sessions for my aunt's soon-to-be online shopping. And oh! Had a quick last meet up with Ulli before she left to Melbourne.

Yesterday, we went around Menteng area. Trying to find a 'nice and cozy' restaurant for my Uti's arisan group. Circling around Menteng for maybe an hour, then we ended up had a late lunch at Bunga Rampai.

I love anything with cheese :9

Tomorrow? Another photo-shoot session. And this one's for helping my cousin on her make-up thingy. I don't know what it's called. I'm losing words now. Oh well. I think I'd better go to sleep anytime soon.

And these are the current songs that are repeating on my ipod for days up till now. Click these to hear them :)

P.S. - Orange synthetic leather-ed cover for my new Onyx 2. *Teehee*

Woopsie, I don't know. I feel to post this somehow.

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