Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Day Before Today.

My Saturday was exciting, if I may say. Had a nice family gathering at home + monthly service. The service really made me toughen up my level in faith. Plus, yesterday was dad's yeah. Anyways, my cousin is in Indonesia right now and I didn't know. Was quite surprised to see her cute and adorable Yefta and Nathan. Loved their Aussie accent, but it's so sad to see them not to talk in Indonesian or even understand. But I guess they'll gonna be the next Bachdims. So watch out ladies ;)

The afternoon was spent with my..older cousins. Haha! I haven't quite hang-out with my cousins that years-ish older than me. Okay perhaps I'm exaggerating. Maybe 15 years-ish older than me. And I was surprised that they could be cool. In their own old way. Haha! And hanging out with them made my eyes opened - in life, as well as in the world of entrepreneur. And because they're already happily married with kids, and so the afternoon spent at some children's stores. And I felt so...motherly... (HAHA!)

Anyways, I guess there's not much to share again. Wait for the post after this, will ya? :D