Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Mirror.

In a day, I like to spare some time to think.. Listening to the sound of the air.. Staring at an open space.. and ask myself random questions..

  • "Do I want to get famous?"

    Hm. I think it's an easy question to answer. Yes, I want to feel how's it like to be famous. To know how people treat you differently, by knowing you're famous. I may say I'm a person who has a great level of curiosity therefore I even want to know how's the feeling of a superstar being...pressurized. By the media and all that. Even being 'friends' with a famous person would make your life different already. your idol? It would be just like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Ha ha.

  • "Who reads this blog?" Like actually reading it. Not just flicking through. Or only seeing the highlighted writings. Or even scrolling down the mouse to only see the pictures. (And this question also leads to "Does a famous person reads this blog?")

    Well basically, the main purpose of making this blog was for me to simply pour out everything that's inside of me. Without really care about who's 'listening' (or in this case, reading it). I feel somehow this monitor that's in front of me right now, and the fingers that are typing each word, are listening to what I have to say. This may sound weird or crazy, but it seems that a piece of writing that I make is being a mirror. For me, even posting stuff on Twitter is similar to talking to yourself.

    I don't really care about who's really reading and who's just flicking through. I'm not publishing myself on the web for the fame and all that, but this blog simply gives the facility for me to have my own diary. A virtual diary it is.

  • "What's my future's gonna be?"

    Yes, this sometimes haunts me and I don't know why. "Jobs?" I'm seeing myself with a lot of travel. Going one place to another, learning new things from different cultures, enjoying myself and letting the excitement of exploring new places go inside of me. And okay, perhaps the major thing is about... relationship. Ha ha. Yes, I'm flying solo at the moment and sometimes it bugs me. "Am I going to live alone in a house full of cats just like the neighbor in front?" *knocks on wood* - and yes, this is a true fact, my neighbor is 'The Cat Lady' if you know what I mean. My oh my! I think I should move out from this neighborhood! But I know God up in Heavens already planned my life to be perfect with the perfect one from Him too. So I should not worry about things like these cause it's just a matter of time. It'll come on the right time and at the right place. I'm putting all my plans for the future in His hands :)

    Oh well. I know people has it's own way of life. And I'm seeing mine as a perfect ten. I love my life, family, and friends. I love what I do, and I'm doing what I love.

I know this piece of writing has no meaning, cause it all goes everywhere. Every thing ends up being 'linked' to one another. Maybe this is why I wasn't really confident on entering a journalism major. Ha ha. Oh well, I guess I'd better get myself a shower. And face the reality. 

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