Saturday, January 15, 2011


Had a loooooooooooong and tiring day, as usual.. for these couple of days. Okay, so my day started a little bit late. Went to various places. Had a rough bargaining with couple of people at the materials shop. Yes, I was doing my materials shopping. And this time, it was for my on going bathroom project. Got some couple of interesting things, and my favorite is the green mozaics that I bought. I'll post the photos later.

Got some things to show you from the EOS that was sitting in the room for these past few days. My wardrobe is now done, and organized it by colors! Yay! Let's just hope it'll last long - cause I was once did the same thing, but then.... yeah, probably you'd got the point already.

Finally ordered and confirmed a pair of UP's. Not to mention about the name card that I'm ordering from! I simply can't wait to have these two things in my hands :D

Ended the day by lounged around the room and suddenly an idea pops into my head! And the scent of orchard pear accompanied me throughout the whole process. Up till now :)

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