Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Body Breaks.

Today. Has. Also. Been. An. Exhausting. Day. OMG.

I had to sit for almost a quarter of the day, helping a cousin of mine. She went to this Martha Tilaar Make-Up School, and I was asked to be her model for her final...exam? I assume. Yes. It was very tiring. I didn't know that being a model is exhausted. And perhaps time-consuming? Oh well.

OMG. Nuff said. Oh well, helping others are way more than gold's worth :)
And no, it's not pony-tailed.

Didn't had a thing to munch around, and so I met up with my mom and my aunt while they're having their late lunch/tea-time at Ninety Nine Grand Indonesia. They've ordered me the Nasi Goreng (fried rice). Which was FULL ON with rice. Oh god. Couldn't finished it alone, though. And yes, I was very tempted to order their heavenly homemade icecreams. Had a tough choice between the Bailey's and the caramel. I've had the Bailey's before, and it was the time for the caramel to be the winner :D

And now I look like an angry lioness with the hair of 5cm in height. Good night everyone, I really am very exhausted as hell. Not to mention, my lefty is now aching. Could it be transferred from the righty? Hm. I need to find out.

Okay, MK Olsen wannabe? Ha. Ha.

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