Thursday, October 21, 2010


What. A. Day.

Found out that the whole concert about Chris Brown wasn't confirmed yet, yes I was really disappointed and shocked of course, bla bla bla... But I so wish the promoter here could really solve this problem and so I could see him LIVE. I'm already putting my hopes high here! Well, if not, I want a refund. Or. Else.

Anyways, fitness was tiring. I don't know why, I just attended a class on low-impact cardio, but I was soooooo tired. Not to mention the dizziness I got - I bet it's because of my low blood pressure PLUS all the shocking news about 'the concert'. Like, seriously, I've got headaches. And shivers. Also the extra heart-beats (they were all more severe than those from yesterday's - the 'mighty man' visited my house)

Moving on... I've got to eat beef JUST a little bit, because there was 'rawon' (my all-time-favorite Indonesian dish from East Java). It's black because it uses 'kluwak'. I grew up by eating this dish a lot. And I say, A-HELL-LOT! Since my mom's from Java, and so I grew up mainly in Javanese tradition. And oh! I was really hungry after gym, then we stopped by at the hardware store to buy more paints for the garage, and so I bought a little something-something to block up my tummy for a little while.

Kue cubit + ape, and my lunch. With EXTRA beansprouts.

After the delightful lunch at home, I went out for a little while to buy MORE paints and some COLORFUL PILLOWS to en-light my room. And my oh my, I simply can't resist to consume these :9

An ice-cream sandwich, Singaporean/Orchard Rd style + Poffertjes with sugar powder and chocolate sauce and CHEESE + teh tarik (milk tea)

Got home afterwards. And at mood was boosted up by these lovely things.

Playing Kite #2 triangle bag, and W.O.R.M necklaces from amithevintagist. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Showing off these lovely new items, a friend of mine, Maynard, stated: "Kez, you're such a shopaholic." Oh. My. God. Am I? And not to mention an eat-a-holic, too?

Help. (Exclamation marks)

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