Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodbye, October.

I had to pick what I want, so I gave him some options to pick - cause I simply can't resist all of these. I don't know which one he chose, but I'm guessing it's one of these. Can't simply wait for it to come! Nyahhhh, I love him :) If you're interested with these kind of style, click this! to see their other delightful collections.

For food, this week's craving was:

Cold Stone ice cream. Yes. I finally had one last night. It was mint with graham crackers. And yeah, can't resist to have a taro mint froyo from Sour Sally today, so I had one. With strawberries, kiwis, and oreos. It was my first try to actually eat a froyo with some oreos. It was oh-so-delicious. Love love love!

A hair salon is like a heaven on earth for most women. I'm so one of them. Yes, I spent the last day of the month by pampering myself to go to one. Had a hair spa, topped with a beautiful blow dry + a little cut on the fringe.

And so, I hope your last day of the month was very exciting as well. I'll see you next month. November, please be nice.

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