Monday, October 18, 2010

A Perfect Start.

Mondays aren't always hectic. Mondays don't have to be chaotic. My Monday just made my day. I love today. The fact that the day started by a 2 hours-ish at the gym, had a healthy lunch, and a taro mint Sour Sally with fresh fruits - I kinda liked it. A peaceful Monday.

A not-so-hard class at uni and learned about the guerilla marketing strategy. Wow. It's a great activity for our brains to actually think OUTSIDE the box, therefore our creativity will increase.

Got home and tired. Opened my door. And oh! Look what has arrived! My very first Kulkith shoes. I love love love loveeeeeeee it!

And the major mood booster for todaywas....... *drum rolls inserted here*

YES! I'm going to watch Chris Brown and Ne-Yo, LIVE in Jakarta on the 18th of December! TWO MORE MONTHS! And I'm already planning what to wear. HA HA HA.

So, I'll see you there?

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