Saturday, October 16, 2010

Head Go Crazy.

I started the day by dropping by to the hardware stores at Panglima Polim. Finally bought 2 cans of paints: Dulux Pentalite. O'Hara Red and Big Chill Blue. At first, the colors I picked from the swatches are appealing, but then...when they started to mix it, the red was more like an orange?! I freaked out. Yes. Big time. OMG. Oh well, let's hope it'll turns out to be the perfect red that I WANTTTTT :O

Then the day continued by having a late lunch at Lokananta Terrace Resto's 2nd branch at Gandaria City. Had this big roasted chicken burger + a fresh green salad. I'm loving my new red-meatless diet. It's simply makes me feel 'lighter' in some way. (Crossing my fingers real tight so tomorrow I hope I would smiling alone like a freak because of the satisfaction of losing AT LEAST 2kgs).

Spent coffee time at Toast House. There are lots (well, more than 3ish) Kopitiams at the mall, and I've tried almost all of them. Toast House has a variety of french toasts, and I picked these lovely Peach & Lychee French Toast to fill in my stomach. And it tasted lovely. A mix of both sweet and sour, and also a little bit of salty taste from the pan-fried buttered toast.

Oh! Watched Step Up 3D for the SECOND time. I can't really get bored with it. So cool. And I'm speechless. Don't know what to say.

And the highlight of the day:

My new shower cap which I now called it "Froggy" and played around with my mint green necklace (worn as a headband) from Nefertiti Jewelz.

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