Sunday, October 17, 2010

Major Workouts Tomorrow.

Being beef-less is a great journey, but I do still eat white meat (read: chicken and fish). Don't get me wrong, I do miss the juicy chunky Wagyu steak, or even ribs - but I decided not to eat beef (well, less, I mean) because they contain the most fat of all meat.

The day started with a cheese toast and my everyday juice (which consists of carrot, apple and potato - one of each). After church, I had a lovely lunch with my mom at Carlo de Huts. She ordered beef lasagna, I ordered this English Breakfast Style Pancake and we shared a green salad + Apple Strudel Sweet Dough (a pizza look-a-like) for the dessert. What I love about this place is the pancakes. Unlike others, they are wide and thin.

When I got back home, the weather was so gloomy and rain fell down. The lovely way to enjoy such weather like that was : a long tight nap after a hot shower.

After I woke up, the dining table was filled with so many food. Martabaks (all 3 of of them, the sweet, the salty, and the 'tipker' - which is thin and crispy), unti or 'dadar gulung' (it's like spring roll, but inside it's filled with shredded coconuts and palm sugar), and other traditional Indonesian snacks.

I enjoy eating Indonesian traditional sweets/savory snacks, and this is a keju-susu tipker. Cheese and full-creamed milk. YOU. SHOULD. TRY.

I love martabak tipker - my favs since I was a little kid. My favorite martabak seller is just 2 blocks away from my house (Jl. Pakubuwono VI, just next to Circle K, and opposite to the church).

And those weren't dinner.

If any of you wants to know how much food that the house has, come over! Text or call me, PING!!! me via bbm or even drop by unexpectedly. And we could have a photo session from my lovely babymac! :)

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