Saturday, October 23, 2010


The end of my weekday was full of laughs, heart-to-heart conversations, and of course photos! (Not to mention gossips! Hahaha)

I spent the first half at the uni, and it was Presentation Drawing 2. Learned more about the cast shadow and about the 3-point perspectives. Went home, had lunch. For me, having my meal at home makes has a lot benefits:
  1. We could eat a healthy well-cooked house cooking, and
  2. Save more money.
I'm a bit low on cash, that's why I need to save more money and by having a meal at home really helps. A. Lot.

Anyways, went to fX to meet up with Vanessa. I needed a friend to accompany me to see the Blogger Yard Sale that was held at Mazzee on the 6th floor. Yes, finally I've met my blogger, Diana Rikasari, in person. She is soooooo nice. I feel sorry for her to get up and down from her seat just to fulfill her blogfans' hearts to get a picture with her :( Although I didn't get anything, seeing the bloggers' stuff was a very fresh getaway from all the stress from college.

After seeing those lovely things at the yard sale, we went up to Echa's crib and dropped by just for a little while. And then off we went to Senayan City to meet Nissa, she is my Starbucks buddy and my "HAHHAUAHAKHEWOIAH" buddy on twitter and bbm.

The meet-ups had to stopped because there was a small gathering just to celebrate my cousin's birthday just a few days ago. And I love Thai cuisine.

Outfit for the day: Great grandmother's (Eyang Buyut Kani) kebaya (worn as an outerwear), Topshop dress, amithevintagist W.O.R.M necklace, unbranded pink-butterflied belt, soe.hoe 3-ways bag, low chucks shoes.