Monday, October 4, 2010

First of the Month.

Have you ever got the feeling of where you just need the time of being alone? A time where you by your own-self can explore the world or your surroundings. Just to please yourself. To pamper yourself. To just talk to yourself in your mind. A me-time.

It has been a while since I had my last me-time. And so I've decided to spend the first Monday on October by wandering around the city of Jakarta. All by myself. Alone.

Although Jakarta's crime rate can be practically high, I spent the day by walking and using Transjakarta. It's a great transportation because it makes us to walk, therefore = healthy :)

Anyways, enough with the 'inspirational/deep-thinking' kind of writing.. I've bought some new stuff to fill in my already-packed-wardrobe! A denim skirt and a casual dress from Forever21. Plus, some accessories from Miss Selfridge :D

Spend quite a hell-lot of money. OMG. Not to mention I've just checked out Accupunto's new shop at Grand Indonesia East Mall, a greaaaaaattt product design company led by Yos and Leonard Theosabrata. If I found the perfect low table for my room, I really love to have their Tatami Chair (orange or green?). If not, I'll just have to buy their office chair.


Finished the day by picking up my lil' cuz, Mikaela, at my aunt's house. And we played with the tiger. She asked me to hug the tiger and so I hugged it. And kiss the tiger and so a little smooch on the cheek for it :*

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