Saturday, October 23, 2010


Blogging through my laptop. It's been a while since I last use my laptop to browse, to do college work, and of course to blog. Since my room is still freshly painted, therefore it's uncomfortable for me to sit on my chair that's covered with newspapers. And so, here I am, on the dining table, trying to blog while people at home are discussing about politics and the country's economy.

Earphone plugged in. Okay, volume: max.

Anyways, bought a new desk for my room. Got it from Cayenne at Kemang Selatan. I'm going to design the tv table for the room, plus the bed and the small dressing table from a family's carpenter. Argghhh! I really want to go to Central/West Java to hunt for good quality of wood + furniture. One thing's for sure, they are waaaaaaayyy cheaper! Can't wait to contact my relatives who are living there, and are also interior + furniture designers.

Plus, I want these.

Oh! Today was full with new food (okay before we start, once my English teacher at school told me that the word "food" is already plural, and she's Australian, so yeah I'm gonna write what I've been taught).

An unexpected offer from a motorcycled man, selling his Indonesian savory snacks while I was crossing a street (the "pastel" and "risoles" are awesome). Some new meals at Kedai Kaffei (I ordered a pan fried Norwegian salmon, topped with cream cheese + olive oil and mashed pumpkin). For dessert, a nutty waffle + a surprise complimentary beef bacon sandwich from Coklat Item (and I've just discovered that it's under one group as Radja Ketjil).

Am I turning into a food-taster?

Omg. How can't I resist NOT to eat these lovely delicious sambel ijo lidah (beef tongue) for tonight's dinner? Yes, there are several types of beef that I can't resist. Just yet.
  1. Buntut (oxtail);
  2. Paru (beef lungs);
  3. and most importantly, lidah (beef tongue).
Though this tummy is too full, one or two wouldn't hurt. Right?

P.S: yes, we Indonesians eat everything. Most of them. (Read: I do. Except those that are gooey and slimy and stuff. Ew).

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