Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bits and Pieces.

Hello Sunday! It's been a good day up till now, cause apparently Saturday wasn't in its good mood. I was very exhausted and had a major headache attack. Perhaps I was too stressed out and I haven't managed my time really well. OMG. I really need to manage my time really well for these last 3 weeks of the semester.

I spent yesterday by.... working. Yay me! NOT. Haha! I wasn't in the mood to go out at all. And I spent the day by working, ha ha ha. And finished the day by having a little treasure hunt in Uti's batik-full closet.

And oh plus, chatted with Mas Johann a bit. He's applying to work at Rem Koolhaas' company, OMA. Yes. Rem Koolhaas the architect. Rem Koolhaas the unconventional man. THE Rem Koolhaas. I was freaking out when he said that OMA is looking for a graphic designer. Well, best of luck for my coolest cousin. And if he got in *fingers crossed* - I'll be so proud that I'm blood-related to the coolest person in the world. Ha ha. OMG, I'm just going to keep praying for him so that he got in. He'll be beyond cool. Major cool.

Seattle Public Library,
Seattle, WA

CCTV Headquarter,
Beijing, China

Tomorrow's a brand new week, let's end the week with something sweet.... like ice creams and chocolates! Well, that's what I'll do.. Enjoy your Sunday!

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