Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet My Tony.

I've been working a lot lately, therefore I haven't been updating the blog. There are tons of stories that I'd like to share. But first thing's first, one thing at a time.

Skyped with my brother a while last night. Had to wake the folks up, cause he said it was so serious. Anywhoooo... Yup, a 12-stitches scar on his forehead. I was like: "What's that on your forehead?"; he answered simply by: "Got hit by a bottle from a guy."

..........Okaaaaayyyyyyyyy..... As if it's not that serious. I mean, come on! Wow! It's just.... My mind went through all these random movie scenes when people got beaten up at a small alley in the middle of nowhere, where it's all dark and foggy and all that stuff. OMG! My brother, the guy who I spent my childhood by dreaming and building up our own imagination for our future, actually experienced it all! (I mean, the 'real-life-experience-just-like-in-the-movies' type of thing). Haha!

I appreciate him, though. He had the guts to told us the truth. As usual, parents are freaking out and all that, gave him a lecture about this and that, but he sent a very touching text to them in the morning - which made me literally dropped a tear or two. Well, the fact that he was brave enough to tell the truth of what happened, he also didn't want to let my parents down you know. And I am sure that he'll become the man that my family will be proud of. And I know he won't let us down.

Being a little sister of David Yedija is really....proud, if I may say. He taught me things. In general knowledge, about life, and yes of course about all of those guys ethic codes, haha! Although he acts so cold at times, I know that it's his way of showing his caring and tenderness on loving me. He is the one I share my thoughts with, though he sometimes ignored me - but he listened. And remembered. He is even so protective that he doesn't even want his friends to know me (HAHA!)

Enough with the brother & sister lovey-dovey. And I didn't even realize that I'm basically writing this whole post about him. Oh well.... I just miss my Scarface so much.

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