Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hey! What I'm about to tell you here is something different. It's not something that I'd share often, because, well... simply because I'm not a mommy yet. Ha! Anyways, this is one of my lecturer's creation. He and his other 5 partners are doing this online database hub which contains a lot of information that are related to...mommies and children!

Fadli, my lecturer (but I sometimes call him Qiu, as being one of the creator of Qiu Design firm), asked me if I wanted to be a part-time reviewer on his website. And I say why not, I don't mind at all. It'll surely be a great experience to actually write for someone, you know, not just to keep it to yourself. Anyways, he said he's going to discuss it with his partners first (of course) and then I'll get the follow up. Okay... Anyways, let's start.

Parents tend to be confused on where to find directory information for their children. Usually by word of mouth, they are only limited to a few choices of business database. Remembering about the the traffic congestion in a busy city like Jakarta, it could waste our time completely. Thanks to technology, everything's now can be reached in a blink of an eye.

I-Toodle is a one stop parent's directory hub in Indonesia where it connects parents with up-to-date business and service providers. I-Toodle also shares the latest promotions and upcoming kids events. And most of all, it extends shopping privilege for parents from the site's trusted tenants.

As for me, my life is surrounded with children. And I really love it! Being close with my youngest cousin from my mom's side of family, Kayla, I gradually know what's the hip and happening places for toddlers. As well as being close with Kak Lia, a mother of 3 and she's a cousin of mine from daddy's side, I began to know what's the trend for children in the current times. In addition of having a great passion on writing, I'm confident to help my lecturer to be a part-time reviewer for the web.

Go click and check the web if you're in the same situation as me (read: having a bunch of children surrounding you, nieces, nephews, younger sisters/brothers/cousins). I might say this is the next big thing :)

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