Friday, March 4, 2011

Frills and Frou-frous.

They day is almost over, and as I planned in the beginning, I'm just gonna turn the laptop off after the new day comes. But I'll change to work on the babymac, ha-ha. I think deleting ALL of the CS5 Master Collection in my laptop wasn't really the best thing to do. Well it did make the 3Ds Max working perfectly, but I had to go back and forth from the laptop and to babymac every time I need to edit some stuff. I should keep at least Photoshop and Illustrator on the laptop, and this bugs me off - and by having to install it again... double bugging!

Anyways, I've been doing my Design Studio assignment, and this time's about restaurant. I've been keep telling it though. Perhaps by doing a Rococo-inspired ambiance isn't as easy as I hoped (Mmm.. Duh??). I thought I could cope with all those curly and swirly things that the Rococo period had emphasized. Not just my eyes that are dizzy looking at these all floral-y elements, but so does my brain. I think I've been frou-frou(ed).

But oh well, it's too late to change AND I should love what I do. This idea really challenges me. A lot. And I am putting all my effort to give out the BEST from me. And I can do it! Yes I can!

Anyways... had a CREAMY-turkey(ed) strozzapreti which is my favorite at Basilico. But OMG! I felt so guilty eating all those creamy and cheesy which is thick enough to build up fats in the body. OMG. Don't get me wrong, I love pasta. And I love love love love cheeeeseee so much. But I've been avoiding thick creams and cheese, and pasta, into one dish. Ha-ha. Oh well, I guess I need that extra energy. Hm.

And oh, I've got some... beauty tips (perhaps?) on how to avoid those panda eyes under your eye - and I think these treatments are so easy and I'm gonna start tomorrow, cause mine's still here. And I don't know until when. I really need to get enough sleep. But how? There are so many works to do, for 3 more weeks.

PLEASE WISH ME LUCK! An extra help of hand would be very appreciated, I could treat you with... a room make-over! Seriously :D

P.S. - as you can see, those handwriting of mine isn't really in its architectural-y feeling, I need to work more on writing in capitals from now on. Ha.

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