Tuesday, March 29, 2011


As a shoe fetish, I really can't get away of NOT buying alluring shoes that caught my attention. I don't know why. Perhaps because of the fact that I'm a shoe fetish since I was little due to mommy always fashioned me with the hippest shoes at the time. I even have a pair for my room, haha.

I found an interesting study on the net via my Blackberry, about "Why do most women are obsessed with shoes?". Well, it surely caught my attention and I want to share a bit on what the article tells.

  • Women tend to buy, on the average, 3 pair of new shoes yearly.
  • 39% of women prefers flat shoes rather than high heels.
  • 33% spend more than US$100 for one pair.
  • Only 25% of women who actually wear heels more than 4 inches.
  • 61% matches the color and type of shoes with their handbags.
  • 19% of women buy shoes to cheer themselves.
  • 29% buy shoes online.
  • 51% of women wanted to make other people envy of what they're wearing.
  • 28% feel that buying shoes is the same as they buy new clothes.

Well, those are just the summary that the articles made. It stated that the study was from a survey that allocated 1000 women by the ShopSmart magazine in the States. Well, the ones that are bold and violet-colored are the ones that I think I do this too. OMG.
I just hope that I cut down my shoe-shopping for the year.

Source: VIVAnews.

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