Thursday, March 24, 2011

Joyful, Joyful!

Greetings universe!

As you all know I haven't been updating my blog constantly and you could blame the assignments which I had to deal with if you missed me writing posts, haha.

Had the final presentation for my Design Studio class today and it went alright. Better than alright, it was great and satisfying. And I must say I'm proud of myself. I'm not trying to brag here, but it's such a great feeling, you know...when you finally accomplished EVERYTHING you did for the past 6 weeks. Better yet, it came out the way you wanted to, and you got pretty much positive feedbacks. You'd feel that the time you wasted, were all payed off (so it's not a waste after all....)

I've learned that, in my case, sparing more of my time to actually do my work (and really poured my whole heart into it), gave me somewhat a special satisfaction in the end. It brings a perfect outcome. In everything you do in this world, without somehow a sacrifice, it wouldn't turn out perfect. You have to pay something, to get something. Right?

Anyways, enough with all these 'work-related' stuff. I did a little material shopping just after the presentation. The purpose was only to buy some drawings papers for my own supply.... But.... I guess art supplies shops and I are ALWAYS best friends, it's very hard to NOT buy other things. And so..... decided to bought some new brushes and a palette - which amazingly was very cheap, haha!

Therefore, plans for the week-off:
  1. Sleep, of course. Lazying my butt off.
  2. Oh, this reminds me. I HAVE TO GO GYM-ING!
  3. Make some stuff from these art supplies and leftovers I've got at home. (I was thinking.... Tassels. Hm... Charm bracelets with batik-tassels? Hm... We'll see).
  5. Catch-up with my friends.

Oh, had a creambath session today. I always love when my hair bounces and smells so good. Happy happy, joy joy! Don't forget to smile in every situation! I'll talk to you soon!

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