Friday, March 11, 2011

Working All Day.

Yesterday, we had an interesting design studio class. Had some visitors, well, they were my lecturer's friends from France. They were college friends back in Belgium. They helped us developing ideas, giving some tips on what to do and what not to do, and stuff like that. Well, the guy have worked in restaurants before so he knew a lot of stuff, not just technical but also about the design and all. The female one, I didn't quite get what she had done before, but they're both are now travel reporters (or reviewers, I didn't quite get that too, cause I was a bit late).

They were there to guide us and to help us to be better. And I liked it. We shared some things in common, and so it was easy for me to develop another brighter idea by my own afterward.

Chatted with Mas Johann later on the night, he said that the design company he's been applying liked his works AND ATTITUDE. But in the mean time, they're already have enough team in the group and perhaps a month or they'll hire him. As a full-timer. Which is good. Go and check their works HERE!

In the mean time, I'm wishing him a great amount of luck for him to work as in Burgermeester! As a burger flipper!!! Hahaha! Well, it's better than nothing. At least it's a....better burger place!

Yesterday's quote:

"An architect always draw. Your spirit is in your hands."
- Gui's French friend.

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