Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Day.

Yesterday was a long day. Hadn't got the chance to update the blog. Spent half of the day with a friend of mine since kindergarten, Lizzie-O!

After the unsuccessful macaroons-hunting in Senayan City, we then decided to go to Pondok Indah Mall, where we had our sushis, and stayed stayed long enough there. I almost bought things from (X)S.M.L (read: 50% discount!) but then I had the courage so say NO to buy stuff. Found out that there's a new Auntie Anne's outlet in PIM and was very ecstatic about it! OMG! I've been craving them since.... the last time I had a post about it. And oh, met Boggie and his wonderful family and chatted for a while with his mommy & daddy, hehehe :D

Had a chance to had a cozy moment at The Tree House that is located in Kemang. The small place makes it even more cozy with the outdoor patio on the 3rd floor where you can chill out while the breeze of the wind soaks your skin. They serve finger foods as well as big meals. Drinks are very affordable and so tasty. Aaaahhh... this is my new hideout. Check their Facebook page or even their Twitter account where they post interesting pics!

And I just love how they do their name cards. They're all different because of the handwritten random facts about the art cafe itself. P.S. - the workers and the owner are very friendly :D

Anyways, I've been told that my baby cousin, Mikaela, had to stay in the hospital because of her dengue fever and pre-typhus. And so, decided to stayed a bit in Kemang Village's Starbucks, and bought her a little something-something from bookstore next door, Times. I know that you'll be a-okay no time, mini Mikaela.

Please do help her through prayers, cause she is still little and I care for her so much. She's somehow I call my baby sister, I love her. And thank you for those of you who wishes her well, my friends, even my brother's friends way in Manchester. Much love.

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