Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Kooples.

Flicked through the UK Elle April's edition, and got stuck to a very cute and edgy ad. Ceyln & Bjoern. Couples for 4 years.

If I may say, I'm a very peculiar person. When I see things that interest me, I'd go straight and find deeper information about it. And this time, I'm spending my Saturday night in front of the computer and looking through the net about The Kooples.

The Kooples have an interesting point of view. They design clothes inspired by the codes of rock, from music, but with its own signature traits that only truly belong in 2011. All so dandy and so British. I love their chic and clean cuts in their masculine and feminine features. I just love how the UK preps them up.

And these looks.... I just love them. They are so me. Hihihi.

All images are from The Kooples official website.

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