Sunday, August 28, 2011

At Last!

Had a small meet-up with Vanessa and Alia, good friends of mine since the juniors. It was only just the three of us yet I guess it was the highlight of the week, haha! I've been out of touch with my friends since . . . I don't know, since my work loads are piling up, perhaps? Oh, and since I'm in my last Design Studio course - which makes me to think . . . deeper? Ha!

Anyways, had a really nice time with the girls (ha, "the girls" - cheesy? I know). Shared a cup of hot green tea latte accompanied with a lot of stories, had a short shopping time together, and had a late-night munchies at Roti Bakar Edi. And at last I had a chance to gave them my the gifts that I got from the Europescape.

I miss my friends. And I hate my busy-ness :(

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