Monday, August 15, 2011

A Plush Plum.

My Monday went through a happy road! Let me clear thing's first, I'm not going to brag here. But I just want to share a little something-something. And it's all because of my Lord, Jesus Christ. And it's all for His Mighty Glory!

The fact that the class was a very chill class, I got a very pleasing result & feedback for my last assessment! To gain an A in a Design Studio class is surely quite difficult, oh yes and I'm proud. That was the first A- ever in my history of attending Design Studio classes. Well, I've had A's in doing researches, which was a part in the course, but OMG, this was the end result, you know. And the fact that I'm doing my last Design Studio, this brings a lot of impact to my last transcript later on!

Anyways, moving on . . . Today, I've started to help my friend's sister on doing her last assessment - doing some sort of movie. Some Multimedia Design kinda stuff, which I don't really know. Ha, ha. It's a real pleasure to help others, you know.

And oh, the most excitement of the day was the fact that my newest pair of UP shoes finally arrived! I really can't wait to get my baby Stella plum on the road!

And oh, a random thought occur. I think the pinky bird of UP is super cute, it should have a name! Hihihihi.

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