Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Short Break.

At last, it's time for me to have a short break. This means . . . waking up late and lingering around the house. I wish I could wake up late, though. Cause since I've been working part time, I tend to wake up before 8am. And this includes weekend *sigh*

Oh and yes, I've turned down an offer from the family who asked me to joined for a short trip to Singapore. Yes, I know . . . I'm weird. A short break for me still includes a massive workload from the Institute. Well, because this is my last chance to show what I can do to put 'em on my portfolio later on, I need to work hard . . . er. And a short break for me ALSO includes . . . more time on blogging! Yay!

Had a nice & fattening dinner last night at Satoo with the family. Had some foodgasm attack.

Wishing you a nice week ahead! And Happy Ramadhan for those of you who celebrate!

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