Saturday, August 13, 2011


Didn't had the chance to talked about the visit I made to MetroTV, regarding our last project on Exhibition Design, is to design 2 TV set shows. Yes. It was so cool. I'm telling you, it's like when you're watching movies like . . . . The Ugly Truth, Morning Glory, or even Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy! I do have a certain . . . . fetish, on working at big offices that has many divisions. Yes, especially with . . . . uniforms that are your 'pride', you know? Ha!

As now I'm working in a small yet cozy office, I do really want to have an experience working in a big office. Especially in companies that are depending more on their 'creativity', the ones that the employees aren't being boxed in stupid cubicles - yes, that includes working in a magazine! (Yes, working in a magazine is my deepest dream of all) Oh! I really do want to work in offices that are similar to Facebook's Headquarter. Or Skype. Or AOL. Ha, ha!

Oh well, the green screens (or rooms, is it?) are awesome. Met some brilliant anchors around the studio. Which was . . . wow! They really greet us just like they greet the viewers on TV! Ha, ha! I know you may think I'm lame, but it was surely interesting!

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