Friday, August 5, 2011

Turned Left.

Whoa. It's been long enough since my last post - and tomorrow's the weekend already! I just can't imagine how time flies so fast. Hm . . .

Anyways, at last my 'almost final project' safely landed, though there was some minor turbulence here and there. Monochrome and minimalism weren't really my thing, I just wanted to do something different. To think outside the box. To turn left for a while. Ha!

Oh yes for the record, I don't like to post my works - cause you know, the Internet is a wild thing and there could be some things you don't want to happen, happened. Well, it's just the mood board though . . . but since the whole theme was 'to be different' and all - today's an exception, I guess.

I've been so caught up with work and of course, having the whitey iPhone as my new baby, I've been very active on Instagram. Oh yes, I've told this on the last post, but oh well. And yes, I'll be having some part-time job at a design studio where I could gain deeper information and experience in the world of design. And all its whatnots.

Hope you all a very nice weekend ahead! Will try to write some interesting post ahead during the weekend!

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