Monday, August 1, 2011


So . . . Hello! It's the month of August already! Time surely flies! I've been caught up with so many works to do, therefore I didn't had a bit of time to keep updating the blog. I also don't have that much of a topic to discuss. Yet.

Anyways, I've been quite eager with Instagram for the couple of weeks. Therefore . . . I spiced up a little bit of the blog. Well, if you have an account on Instagram, please do take a peek of my pictures! *teehee* Well if you don't, you could take a look at your right sidebar of the screen, the one that's beside the twitter logo . . . That's by far my favorite picture on my Instagram!

I guess I should continue my so-called 'almost final project' ha ha! It's due on Thursday! Wish me luck! Especially for the 3Ds Max! (Yes, I've been enjoying using Google SketchUp for my previous works, but then I thought to myself . . . why not do something different? So yeah, I guess it's a mistake cause I forgot most of the how-to's of it! Ha ha! Oh well . . . Let's go!)

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