Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Head Start.

Even though personally I don't celebrate Ramadhan, I was confused with the government's decision on deciding the exact date for the celebration. Although the government decided that it was supposed to be on the 31st, some of my relatives already celebrate it today. And yes, I was pretty surprised that there were only 4 countries who decided to celebrate Ramadhan on the 31st. Hm . . .

Anyways, it was such a great feeling to be surrounded with relatives. Especially the fact that I get to meet my nieces and nephews! And I love playing around with them!

Had a chance to meet with a cousin of mine who's living in Abu Dhabi, due to her husband's pilot job for Etihad. And I was amazed on how her kids grew so fast! The last time I met them, was when they were so little! And now the eldest is already an 8th grader! Time flies. Bryan, the youngest one, was being so shy and . . . flirty, I guess. He came up to me and asked how old am I - and he asked to get a photo with me. Haha, such a cute boy.

And of course, dress up is a must! But most importantly is to be YOU. And this is how I express my personality today. Ha, ha!

H&M over-sized white shirt, Monki padded tights, mom's Aigner sling bag, Cafe Moda wedges.

Cheers and happy feasting!

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