Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red, White, and Pannacotta.

Actually, I'm writing this while I'm doing the assignment on the other laptop. It takes so much time to load an CAD file on my laptop, so therefore . . . to actually 'use' the time, I decided to share a post with you all, virtual readers!

Since today is the 17th of August, my beloved country Indonesia celebrates its 66th years of independence today. I've decided to wear something red and white, to represent the national flag's colors. Got the cute red chinos from River Island and my pair of Pandora Sailor from UP Shoes.

Oh, and a little bit something-something to share. I'm currently in love with this Filipino guy, AJ Rafael. His music is heaven! And I'm currently addicted to this song!

Goodnight! And here's some mouthwatering Pannacotta of red & white to end the day :D

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