Thursday, November 18, 2010

Album Vakansi.

Had a really blast day today. Started the day by attending 2 classes at the gym, which was really challenging - but I hope it does do something to my body. Sweat, sweat, sweat for the 2 hours spent at the gym.

Got home, and enjoyed the freshly home-cooked 'ketupat sayur' and its 'friends' - since today was Idul Adha and so Yu Murti (my very loyal maid since my mom was still a girl) made us some ketupats. Enjoyed the evening by lingering on the bed while listening to my awesome old-ish radio.

And yes, I finally got the chance to try Iniko Toys Cafe at Gunawarman with Vanessa. Had loads of great talks with her, throughout the journey from there to Bintaro. Picked up a couple of friends to go to Maynard's house for his farewell-ish kinda thing, and yes, had a freakin awesome Manadonese meal at his house.

Finished the day by dropping off my friends at their houses. Since today was a public holiday, and so the streets was barely packed. It was so free, it was like the streets were yours.

Oh, and yes. It has been a while since I went to my childhood place, and that is Bintaro. The place changed a HELL lot. There are so many food, like literally, on both sides of the streets of Bintaro.

Borrowing this from Alia, loving this album! You should take a listen to their newest album :)

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