Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It was a nice day for me, and I'm starting my 'rice diet' again from now on. I was motivated on doing this again because one of my mom's friend lost 12kgs of not eating rice for 6months. 2kgs a month? It's alright.. I guess..

Anyways, had a lovely gate-away after class. Had a cheesy toast and a teh tarik by myself, though I think in they put way more cheese in Plaza Senayan. Oh well, I still think Edi's 'tabur keju' is still the champ! :)

Had a short dress-up session with mommy for attending my 2nd cousin's wedding this week. Going to wear Oline's custom made blouse and Uti's batik scarf which I twist it into a sarong. Got confused about what shoes to wear. Yes, I am a shoe-addict.

Which one's better? The platform or the pumps? Those were my mom's choice. But I think I'm gonna go with my taste. Yes, my lovely Melissa jelly shoes wedge. Well, it's not TECHNICALLY mine - it's my cousin's, but I think we somewhat share this pair together! :D

Finally, after how many weeks, I get to sleep in my room. Although it's not 100% finished, at least the desk has changed. Plus the layout of the bed. HAHAHA! Had a photobooth session with Mikaela while she was playing in my room.

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