Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I haven't been updating my blog for the past 2 days, I guess. I was so busy doing my room (again) and also I've had classes for the past 2 days, and not to mention my workout sessions at the gym.

Anyways, I am so pleased that I'm having my grandfather's radio in the room - which was founded by my brother, couple of months ago. This thing is uber cool. It fits my theme for the room. Yeay! And now, I'm such a radio-girl. Lingering on the bed, listening to the radio, changing frequencies MANUALLY, to find the perfect tunes to accompany my ears. And yes, listening to people's heart-to-heart conversation. Ha Ha.

I have been eating a HELL lot for these past few days. OMG. I went to Orleans Bistro today to grab some late lunch while accompanying mommy for her reunion thingy. Firstly, I had this lovely green salad and I loved the carrots. They were so sweet in my tongue. After that, I had half a dozen of some escargot, which was also lovely. And I had the Orleans Baguette, which was filled with a cajun shrimp and an olive-thingy chicken. And I say, the baguette was DELIGHTFUL!

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