Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love Today.

Today was filled with so many surprises. Yes. I loved today. The day started with a chill-out session for Presentation Drawing 2 at uni, continued the day with a little time to pamper myself at the hair salon - PLUS a light lunch at Sushi Tei alone and Sour Sally for dessert, got home and saw my room with a SLIGHTLY little improvement on the arrangement...anddddd..the MAJOR is.... *drumrolls please*

Yes, they are finally here. My very own COS and Monki. GAAAAHHH I LOVE HIM! Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuuu.... I'll visit you on January! *fingers crossed. REAL TIGHT*

I couldn't let these lovely dresses and shirts just being there, STARING at me, without being tried. And so, I had a little dress-up session by my own at the room before grooming for the wedding.

Cattis Dress, Corrie Top by Monki

Knitted shirt, A/W 10 Dress with Drapes by COS

The day still continued by attending my second cousin's wedding (his dad is my grandfather's nephew, slash, my mom's cousin). Anyways, I think I hadn't been quite around with my grandfather's side of the family. Only at Christmas, when they gather at the house.

My grandfather side of the family, which I think where I got the 'art-blood' from (HAHA), is uber cool. I think most of the family member is an artisan, OR AT LEAST, works in an art/design industry. I didn't know that one of my uncles have his own furniture workshop in Jogjakarta! I personally didn't know as well, that one of my second cousins are attending the Cinematography (I know the one who also is studying Interior Design, like I do).

I simply love it when big families gather around together, especially in a particular occasion (in this case, wedding).

Didn't wear the tutu. Nope. Instead, I was playing around with mom's batik pashmina and turned it into a sarong-ish look-a-like. Paired it with a turtle neck dress (yes, it's a dress), some pretty colorful bangles + my signature blue H&M ring, and a vintage unbranded crocodile's bag found in Uti's wardrobe. Yummy.

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