Saturday, November 27, 2010


Had a wonderful time today! Firstly, I went to Biyan Bride's Sample Sale at Papilion Kemang. The sample sale was very neat and chic, I was in love - with all the luxurious and elegant wedding gowns, the beautiful cocktail dresses, and of course the sparkling accessories. I could spend the whole day sitting and looking all through the alluring things. And yes, I was urged to try and fit to one of the delicate wedding dress. OMG! Yes, it was soooooooooooo nice, even I loved it. To those of you who are getting married, COME AND TAKE A LOOK AT THE SAMPLE SALE! Sunday's the last day.

Woopsie. Look at these gorgeous pair of shoes by Biyan and a yummy Dominique Denaive's ring :)

Continued the day with an Indian lunch at Kinara. At last, I finally reached one of my top cravings of the month. I love nans. Especially if it involves cheese.

Moving on. Went to meet my cousin who's selling some lovely Batik fabrics as well as handbags. I'm so interested on joining her to make some business out of it - cause I'm into the Batik thing and it's been a while since I had this thought about making some products from Batik. She said I took the wrong major in uni - maybe I'm more into product design rather than interior design. But oh well, I love design, and when we enter the design world - it all connects, just as my fabulous lecturer said. (Check her blog, here).

And so, I think I would be in all parts of the design world. I've been doing some graphic design for my personal stuff, as well as helping my friends and relatives. I've also have been doing some product designing, and of course interior design as well.

Anyways, let's get rid off the design world. I finished the day by having a peek at the Blogger Yard Sale part 2 at Mazzee, fX. I didn't get the chance to meet all the nice fashionable bloggers, cause I was in a hurry for having a dinner at Sopra.

It has been a long and tiring day, and it's time for me to check out. I'm hoping your Friday was pretty awesome as well. Goodbye and goodnight :)

P.S: yes, my pair of clogs from Kloom has finally arrived!

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