Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Eames.

Finished all the 1st draft for Presentation Drawing 2 class, now I can't be bother to actually scan those drawings and start the actual coloring or rendering with colors. It has been a very tiring and exhausted with less sleep for me, so I'm guessing I'm gonna hit the bed any time soon.

Flicking through the amazing ArhiTonic website to get some real furniture to draw, I want one of the plastic armchairs that was made by the Eames in the 1950s - which is now being produced by Vitra.

Oh dear Lord, pleaseeeee... I want one of these for my new decorated room. Mas Johann told me that it "only" costs for only about €300. I simply can't wait to go to Europe! I'll be staying at his place, then visit my brother in the UK with him (or the other way around). Oh God, life would be uh-may-zing!

So, anyone with a big big heart would you buy me one these, pleaseeeeee? I'll be waiting for one of these to come under the Christmas tree :)

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