Saturday, November 6, 2010

Early Start.

Yesterday was the opening night of the RDI Jakarta's Exhibition and I may say it was a success. The fashion show was exhilarating as well as the exhibition itself. The theme for the fashion show (well, for the whole exhibition actually) is : Inspiring a Fresh Environment! I loved all of the fashion design collection, but I may say the one that I did for its retail shop was my favorite (Space People Saves The Earth) hahaha :)

Had a great short time with fellow designer friends (hah!) and lectures. And voila! Introducing.. my 'coolest' lecturers in campus, hahahaha! Well, all of my lecturers are cool, but these two.. they both are more like a friend than an actual lecturer (azeeek).

Introducing: M. Fadli, Kezia A, Mia K (a.k.a : (Fad)ley, Key, Mey)

Had a small workshop today, and the goal was : to make a furniture (or interior accessories) from ice-pop sticks! All of a sudden, I had these on my mind...

and I was trying to make a hanging lamp out of those sticks - using these pics as my references. Although I've tried my best, the result wasn't like I had in mind. Oh well..

Yes, it's too small you can barely see it

Oh! We made a t-shirt. And I'm motivated on making on myself. It's still scribbled on my mind, but it's definitely to promote this blog of mine (HAHAHA!). The shirt was supposed to have a little writing on the back, but because of the limitation of time that we had so we postpone the making of the small writing.

Please do visit the exhibition at LevelOne Grand Indonesia, East Mall. It'll be going until the 13th! (And not to mention the Jakarta Culinary Festival! It's on the 5th floor) So you could be at two exciting venues at once! Yeay! (PS: the Bailey's ice cream from PreGel and Nasi Goreng Hijau ARE MY MUST-TRIES! You should too!)