Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've spent this 4/20 in a very healthy way, haha! A trip to Melawai to exchange some of Uti's olden days jewels, a quick burger bite at Senayan City, and ended in INACRAFT Exhibition. Well, it would take me quite a time to actually write the details, as I want to hit the bed as soon as possible - well, if it's possible, before the day changes.

I promise I'll give you the details tomorrow! And here are some sneak-peeks for you to enjoy! (Yes, I'm trying to be mysterious here, so please bear with me. Haha!) :D

P.S - it's very flattering when a friendly woman came up to you and said "You look like a designer. . . " :D

And please do stay tune for more . . . *teehee*

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