Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I've read it somewhere, that on average, a woman could own 17 pairs of shoes. Well, I don't count how many shoes I got and so I don't how many pairs I got so far. Well, it would be so amazing if I have a walk-in of shoes just like Imelda Marcos'.

Anyways . . . Shoezisme is one of my favorite virtual shoe shop, locally. They got pretty designs and they're very eye-catching. And yes, they have a very quick service which adds them another plus point, for me. Having a pair of a Playful Candy for quite a while now, I've got the urge to buy another alluring pair from them.

Welcoming the new Alice in Wonder to my shoe collection! I just loved this cheery and imaginative pair. It somehow brings me back to my childhood memories, filled with bizarre imagination (well, I still do imagine things often though). The direct complementary of saffron and midnight blue makes it interesting. As you know, I've been always a fan of complementary colors. They are so foxy, haha!

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, I just love this interpretation of Alice in this watercolor piece that I found. Oh, yeppp . . . The Peacat is a piece I made on the first half of my first semester. Ha!

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