Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bennie & The Jets.

Well, for me, lingering at home to spend a week-off of the term break would be just the perfect answer. And of course in beauty salon, haha!

There has been some health issues around, first it was Mikaela and now it's mommy. And so, for the whole 2 days, I've been the one who's driving around and take her to the doctor's, etc. I got back the vibe of driving the Swifty, cause it has been a while since I last drove her. Well, I think to make your parents happy, is a must.

Anyways, after the whole 'taking-care-of-mommy' is done, I finally get the chance to get one of my April wishes. Olympus XZ-1. Isn't she a beauty?

Oh, and got an invite to attend The Papilion Duo's launch party of their new style icons. Can't wait to meet Belle & Pepo :D

Well, I just had to post these pics from my newest white-y. Art filter, ooohhh yeahhh! Haha. Enjoying myself accompanied with Bennie & The Jets. Click here to hear which version I like! Wishing you all a happy Saturday night! Much love.