Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chatty Chat.

As an introduction, I would like to welcome this bible to the club! Haha! Guess this could help me even more on my environmental lighting course. Hm . . . I love smelling new books *sniff sniff* - just saying.

Finally, after 3 months-ish of separation I finally got the chance to meet my mood-booster, Vanessa. Yay! I was so worried about her because she arrived in Tokyo just in the morning of the tsunami tragedy that happened just a few weeks ago. Thank God she was alright.

Got these lovely flavored KitKats from Japan, wasabi and cola - by the way. And a . . . mmm. . . this Japanese . . . thingy. Okay, I don't actually know what it's called. It's where you put papers and stuff. Hm. Oh well, but hey . . . Thankies!

Had a nice pancake lunch at Pancious, and followed by a dessert at Canteen, again. Yes, it's 2 days in a row for me. Well, blame them for serving great food and nice ambience :D

Hope you all had a nice Thursday, cause I did! Talk to yous later :D

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