Friday, April 22, 2011


Raden Ajeng Kartini. Born into an aristocrat Javanese family when the Dutch was still in our land. She was the one who fought for women's rights for native Indonesians. Having my mommy's grandma as one her relatives was such an amazing thing to found out! Haha!

Anyways, the day was spent about 10 hours-ish with Lizzie. Watched the movie called "?" which is controversially interesting! Loved all the intrigues about the differences that differs one from another. From race, religion, and all that stuff. Lots of touching moments and yes, I cried. Haha! Hm.. Sushi, and what else? Hm. . . Oh! Found a new macaroon place which is sugar-free. It's called the Sugar Free House - you can find it in Gandaria City. I love having sweet tooth, and by finding this place is heaven! Hahaha!

Hm. What else. . . . . OH! Went around the Southern part of Jakarta and ended up at my place for like 2 hours-ish or so. Photos, photos, photos!

Well, I'm hitting the bed as tomorrow I'll be going to church to give thanks to the Lord for His sacrifice at the cross (read: Good Friday). Will be posting some more stuff tomorrow! Please do keep in tune :D

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