Saturday, December 4, 2010


I'm thanking God for all the opportunity that He gave me everyday, and in every situations - whether it's good or even bad. The day went by so quickly and I think that 24 hours a day is not enough. Well, anyways... it all started by a tree decorating! Although it wasn't finished (until now, and it's such a nonsense, even Uti says that). Maybe because I hadn't had a long nice sleep the other night and so I decorate the tree halfheartedly. I really have to make it finish by tomorrow.

Next off, had a cute little lunch at Ketjil Kitchen. I simply LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE the concept of the place. It's a very cozy little restaurant in the SCBD area of Jakarta which you simply could feel like you're at your own kitchen - or even, your grandma's little crib. Tried the Grandma's lasagna, and also this exotic fruit salad (which I forgot what it's called). It contains green salad, shredded mangoes, star fruits, pineapples and lychee! I love how they put the sweet-and-sour Thai sauce for the dressing.

My favorite part of the day is when I went to our usual batik designer! We went to her house, which has a modern feeling on the architecture. I love the house. Not to mention her new collections of batiks! I made 2 dresses and 1 aladdin-look-a-like pants which then could be worn with a 'kebaya encim' :) Can't wait for them to be done! I'm so very excited! And yes, she and her sister is now busy doing production for their line to be sold at Alun-Alun Grand Indonesia, but only for children's clothing.

Finished off the day by spending a short meet-ups spent at Sushi Tei, Starbucks, and finished with a Chocolate Truffle Magnum bought at Lotte Mart, which by far sells the CHEAPEST :)

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