Friday, December 10, 2010


Have been eating TOO much today, I feel so guilty. Had some gulai daging for lunch, some traditional snacks that mom bought, chocolates, Indomie, oh man etc etc! The headache is still going on, the temperature is beginning to cool down, and my inner bottom eyelid's still white and pale. Hhhh.

Oh yes, I needed to consume some ice cream to sweeten up my tongue after dinner, and so I went to Gandaria City just for a little while. Dairy Queen's chocolate waffle cone was enough for my tongue. I think Kayla was having her sugar rush moment since she was tripping around the store while some house/techno music is playing.

Oooohhh! Look what I found! Bought a new bed set for my room, again! Nyahaha! It's been 2 days in a row since I bought the last bed sheets. It contains a quilt cover (with inserts), 1 fitted bedsheet and 2 pillow + bolster cases - plus it was 70% off! How could I resist? ;)

Oh well, I'd better go to sleep in a bit. Gonna go to the doctor tomorrow, or just gonna do a blood test. Depends. Anyways, goodnight.

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