Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gadgets For Christmas.

I need a new camera. I need a new camera. I need a new camera.

OMG. I simply need one of these under the Christmas tree. I've got some options here and I need some opinions. A Sony Bloggie or another (and newer) Canon PowerShot?

Although my babygoldie is already wrecked, I'm still in love with my Blackberry Curve 8900 - esp. with the lovely golden case. Therefore, I don't really need a new phone. What I need is a new iPod. I simply don't like my 2005 iPod anymore, since I lost 75% of my songs and yes, it's so old. Whether it's the touch one or the nano, I don't mind (but it's better if I'd found an iPod Touch on Christmas). Teehee :)

Another gadget to fulfill the list is a new laptop, of course :) I've got my babymac on set in the room - but I need a new PC laptop to replace this heavy and gigantic Toshiba (yes, I'm exaggerating). I just need a laptop with a comfortable keyboard, have a great amount on the hard drive for my AutoCAD to work, and an in-built camera which doesn't freezes all the time. Any recommendations?

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