Friday, December 10, 2010

Circular Motion.

Finally made a slightly change on the blog's layout and stuff. Have been trying around on some things for the almost the whole day, and I've decided to make this my current template. Oh well. I love circles. It's the sign of eternity or never-ending, and I love the Ancient Romans architectural forms that are filled with mostly the circular shapes (arches and domes). And they are perfectly shaped! My oh my! Just imagine, at that time, without technology and all that, they could actually build a perfectly shaped circle! Wow. It's just amazing. Pardon my architectural mindset.

 Images are from Flickr.

Oh well, anyways... Didn't get the chance to test my blood. And yes, my monthly dues today. I think that's the perfect reason why the whole dizziness etc etc occurred. Oh well... Girls. End the day with a nice getaway session at the salon. Mas Jun from Irwan Team Gandaria City blew my hair perfectly! I love his style, it's so natural, just like what I want :)

Oh, and my fringe is getting longer. Tired of cutting it straight again. Whaddaya think?

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