Saturday, December 4, 2010

Red Much?

The day started with a rain. It was a very perfect moment to pull on the blankie again, real tight. Too bad I had a morning class today, if I didn't have any I would be sleeping again.

Anyways, the day went on. Had lunch at Long Grain - a modern Thai cuisine. Yes, they were all good. I love how they put the little spoons in the beverages, they are so cute :) Since my stomach is not 100% back to normal, I got a a less appetite - which is good though!

And yes, I've been spending the last 3-ish hours of the day by doing some accessories for my wall. I've got this amazing inspiring book which was on sale (it was 70% off) and so I can't resist to buy it. Found some batik and some vintage-y wrapping paper. Hm.. it seems like I'm turning into a red lover?

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